AutoSTAGE ComPad

The AutoSTAGE ComPad is a keyboard extension for your work with AutoSTAGE. Save time and work more effectively and economically through the use of the AutoSTAGE ComPad!

AutoSTAGE ComPad

Predefined AutoSTAGE commands are called through one keypress on the AutoSTAGE ComPad. You save the time consuming typing of single commands on your regular keyboard or the searching of the associated icon in one of the many AutoSTAGE toolbars.

The following AutoSTAGE commands are available by default:

AutoSTAGE ComPad - Tastenbelegung

There are 30 keys available, which are programmed in the standard configuration with the most frequent used commands. Ten further commands are available on the second level, which can be accessed through Shift-Lock.

The AutoSTAGE ComPad is available in black and white.

Technical Data

  • Numeric layout (6 x 5) with 30 keys
  • Programmed in the standard version with 40 AutoSTAGE commands
  • High reliability: More than 30 million keystrokes for each position
  • Front of keypad is protected against dust and splashing water
  • Dimensions: 119 mm x 184 mm (W x D)
  • Weight: 510 g (incl. cord)
  • Compatible mit Windows XP™, Windows Vista™ and Windows 7™
  • Plug-and-Play
  • USB Interface
  • 4 Status LEDs
  • Available in black and white


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